Sonder Helps International Senior Associate Relocate to London

Written By:
Cecilya Amorim
Marketing Executive
Thanks to the dedicated guidance of our London Consultant, Dylan Morrison, a Senior Associate from South Africa successfully secured a position at a prestigious top-tier law firm in London.  

About The Candidate:

In this success story, the central figure is a Senior Associate who was previously employed at a prestigious firm in London. She made the decision to resign in order to spend some time in her home country. Subsequently, Dylan Morrison, a consultant at Sonder, reached out to her upon recognising her openness to exploring new career opportunities. Despite her ongoing collaboration with other recruiters and her specific requirements for her job search, she opted to continue working with Dylan to identify a position that aligned with her unique criteria.  


The Senior Associate had a set of specific requirements:

  • Work with a UK/European team
  • Utilise her German language skills
  • A hybrid role that allowed her to work from her home country

The Challenge:

Introducing a candidate who is currently not employed to a law firm presents a unique challenge. This situation often prompts questions from recruitment teams and partners regarding the candidate's employment status and the reasons behind it. While it's entirely acceptable to take a break for personal reasons, sharing this information with your recruiter can greatly facilitate the process of securing an interview.  

In this particular case, our candidate had returned to South Africa to spend quality time with family, and she was now highly motivated to rejoin the workforce. Dylan Morrison had the task of articulating the candidate's strong motivations not only to resume work but also to relocate to London for a new role to prospective employers.

Furthermore, having not previously worked with legal recruiters, this candidate was unsure of the benefits of working with a recruiter. For candidates uncertain why they should consider working with a legal recruiter, we have outlined some of the critical reasons in the following article – The Benefits of Speaking with a Legal Recruiter

Once the candidate recognised the advantages of partnering with a recruiter in her job search, the next hurdle was to identify a role that aligned with her specific requirements. Leveraging his extensive legal network, Dylan was privy to an opportunity at a prominent City-based law firm. This firm was actively seeking a 4PQE associate and expressed a willingness to consider individuals with a background in science. Benefitting from his close rapport with their internal recruiting team, Dylan swiftly made contact to verify their interest in interviewing senior associates.  

While this firm offered an opportunity to work in a European-focused team with connections in Germany and The Netherlands, they were not open to a hybrid work arrangement.

The Solution / Outcome:

Despite the absence of a hybrid role, the Senior Associate's experience left a lasting impression on the firm's partners, who were eager to bring her on board. After some deliberation, the candidate became open to the idea of relocating to London. The firm proceeded with a final technical interview and extended an offer, which she accepted.

Dylan Morrison, Sonder's London Senior Consultant, expressed his satisfaction with the outcome, stating:

While this process was challenging, I couldn’t be happier to have helped this candidate find a new role that meets most of her requirements. As recruiters, it is our job to ensure the best possible outcome for our candidates. While this outcome might not have been based in this candidate’s home country, I am glad to hear that she is beyond excited to start her new journey.

This case study demonstrates how through a dedicated consultant with an extensive network, can navigate a complex job market, resulting in a successful career transition to a top-tier firm in London. It showcases the benefits of working with legal recruiters and the potential for candidates to achieve their professional goals, even when faced with specific requirements and challenges.