The TikTok Takeover: How Lawyers Are Dominating the Platform

Written By:
Cecilya Amorim
Marketing Executive
While the legal profession might seem far removed from the flashy world of social media, lawyers have found a unique way to connect with others, educate the masses, and even debunk legal myths.  

In this article, we will explore how lawyers are leveraging TikTok to stand out from the crowd, showcase life as a lawyer and educate the next generation of legal talent. We have even included some accounts we have been following, and we suggest you do too!

The rise of #LegalTok

In recent years, TikTok has become a new type of search engine, with 40% of Gen Z referring to the platform with their questions instead of Google. The power of the platform as a search engine can be seen in recent discussions of a potential collaboration between TikTok and Google, which would incorporate Google search suggestions and, potentially in the future, even search results directly into TikTok's search function.

#LegalTok is a hashtag used on TikTok to categorize and gather content related to legal topics, discussions, advice, and information. It's a way for people to share legal insights, tips, and experiences in a short and engaging video format. Users who are interested in legal matters can search for or follow the #LegalTok hashtag to discover relevant content on the platform, which currently has over 252 million views.


So, what type of content are we seeing from lawyers on TikTok?

In our recent Sonder Podcast episode, we interviewed Charlotte, a BigLaw lawyer in Sydney. Charlotte has accumulated over 27,000 followers on TikTok through sharing her day-to-day life as a lawyer and tips for those looking to get into the field.  

After talking to Charlotte, it’s clear that lawyers have begun using TikTok for four main reasons: humanising the legal profession, sharing legal education, advocating for social justice and debunking legal myths and misconceptions. For law students this type of content is particularly educational. Understanding the law is one thing, working as a lawyer is another.

Humanising the Legal Profession

The perception of lawyers has not always been favourable, often associated with stuffy courtrooms and cold professionalism. However, the rise of lawyers on TikTok has allowed these legal professionals to humanize themselves and showcase their personalities beyond the courtroom. By sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of their lives, hobbies, and passions, lawyers are proving that they are relatable individuals with diverse interests and passions like anyone else.

The Pros and Cons

Something that generates a lot of engagement on the platform is when lawyers highlight the perks of the job. The fancy offices, on site gyms, fresh juice deliveries and free catering. However, influencers are also showing the realities of being a lawyer – particularly in BigLaw. The late nights, paperwork and demands of a high-pressure job. With the glitz definitely comes the hard work!

Lawyers to Follow:  

While there is a variety of lawyers on TikTok, here are our top 5 favourite accounts to keep up with!






The rise of lawyers on TikTok is an intriguing development that has revolutionised the way legal information is disseminated and consumed. Through creativity, humour, and authenticity, lawyers are engaging with a diverse and youthful audience, who might have never considered the law relevant to their lives before. As TikTok continues to evolve, the legal profession's presence on the platform is likely to grow, bridging the gap between the law and the public like never before.

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