Sonder Supports London-Based Associate on Transatlantic Move

Written By:
Cecilya Amorim
Marketing Executive
As the New Year begins, new opportunities await as the law firms prepare for the year ahead. For one associate, 2024 has already started with an exciting career move from London to the U.S. Learn more about how our Consultant, Andrew Scholz, helped this lawyer to land her dream role in D.C.


In late 2023, a London-based associate reached out to Andrew Scholz, our Consultant in New York, based on a colleague's recommendation. As a U.S. citizen, and a visa in hand her requirements where the following:   

  • Relocate to the U.S. in Spring 2024  
  • Attain a role at a top law firm within the Capital Markets space  
  • Thrive in a collaborative work environment  

The driving force behind the move was the associate's desire to be closer to family. With a preference for Washington, D.C., and no visa hurdles, the candidate needed swift action for a seamless transition.    

How We Helped:

Andrew Scholz, leveraging his knowledge of the Washington, D.C. legal market, compiled a targeted list of law firms with strong Capital Markets presence. This practical approach laid the groundwork for an effective job search. Andrew then helped to tailor the lawyers resume accordingly and approach his connections with a stellar profile of the candidate.  

Despite slow moving processes in the D.C. Capital Markets sector, the candidate’s C.V. impressed, and she was invited into interview processes with two leading law firms.  

The Outcome:  

Having successfully navigated through the second round of interviews with both firms, the candidate discerned that one particular firm stood out as the best fit due to a stronger synergy with their team. Subsequently, this chosen firm demonstrated its commitment by extending a generous offer, affording the candidate ample time until after the holidays to make her final decision.

This thoughtful gesture not only reflected the firm's understanding of the candidate's need for careful consideration but also facilitated an additional in-person meeting. This extra time proved invaluable, allowing the candidate to engage further with the firm's team, iron out logistical details, and ensure a thorough understanding of the offer before ultimately signing and sealing the deal.

“It’s been a pleasure to help this associate move back to the U.S. to be closer to her family. While there has been a decrease in associate moves from London to the U.S. in 2023, this candidate’s background provided her with all the requirements to be part of that percentage of associates who crossed the pond.” - Andrew Scholz, Consultant in New York

Are you a U.S. lawyer in London looking to return home? Our consultants in both London and U.S. are well positioned to help you every step of the way. Reach out for more advise.