Sonder Helps New Zealand Lawyer Make the Move to Australia

Written By:
Cecilya Amorim
Marketing Executive
We often draw inspiration from the stories of legal professionals embarking on transformative career journeys, and this one is no exception.  

In this case study, we explore the journey of a highly skilled real estate lawyer, originally qualified in New Zealand. With the guidance of Consultant Claudia Murphy, she made a bold decision to start a new chapter at a law firm in Melbourne, Australia. Equipped with three years of valuable experience, she was poised for a fresh challenge, one that promised not only career advancement but also a lifestyle transformation.

Candidate Priorities:

  • Move to Melbourne to advance her career in the Australian legal market.
  • Join a real estate practice group offering strong mentorship.

The Challenge:

Despite her excellent academic background and experience, the candidate had already been working with another recruiter and had applied to several firms in the Melbourne market. However, after reading one of Claudia's LinkedIn posts about open roles in Melbourne, the candidate decided to reach out. Claudia, upon learning about the candidate's ongoing processes, realised who not to approach but also identified missed opportunities within her client network.

The Solution / Outcome:

One of these firms, a leading Australian law firm, soon invited the candidate for an interview. Less than three weeks later, the candidate not only signed her contract but also secured a lease for her new apartment in Melbourne, in addition to handing in her resignation.

While some recruiters may have reservations about working with a candidate who has explored multiple opportunities, I saw tremendous potential in her. With her remarkable expertise and experience, securing a position in a mid-tier firm in Australia was well within her reach. I couldn't be happier with how perfectly the timing of this process worked out and to witness this candidate's move to Melbourne. (Claudia Murphy, Consultant, Sydney)

If you are considering a move to Melbourne, don't hesitate to get in touch.