Sonder Helps New York Lawyer Land Dream Role (Higher Salary & Sign-On)

Written By:
Cecilya Amorim
Marketing Executive
Our most recent success story features a superstar lawyer based in the bustling heart of New York City. In their quest for the perfect role, Elizabeth Ruocco navigated through a few intricate challenges, but the journey was worth every moment of patience invested. The end result? A meticulously tailored placement that not only met but exceeded all her exacting requirements.    

About the Candidate     

This associate was a class of 2018 candidate at a tier firm with a great background and no previous moves. Due to this candidate's experience, she was highly attractive to the market and had already been working with other recruiters. Having laid out clearly to Elizabeth where she had applied and what other processes were in play with another recruiter, Elizabeth established one attractive alternative option currently not on the table.  

The candidates' requirements:  

  • To work at a firm at the top-tier level within Aviation Finance  
  • To receive an end-of-year bonus  
  • Receive a post-Thanksgiving start day    

Impressed by Sonder's innovative recruitment approach and inspired by the invaluable advice provided by Elizabeth, this candidate agreed for Elizabeth to approach her client.  


The Challenge:  

In the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment, one prevailing trend of 2023 stands out: the notable extension of recruitment processes compared to the previous year. Recruitment teams and partners are now taking more time to ensure they make the right choices rather than rushing into hasty decisions.  

Although feedback from the firm was positive, there was a long wait time between each milestone. Another Challenge was the candidate's niche practice area in that there were few other options If this process was to fall through.  

After a three-week wait, Elizabeth secured an interview for the candidate, which took another three weeks to schedule. Despite the extended timeline, consistent communication between Elizabeth and the candidate allowed them to refine their interview skills and prepare for every eventuality.  

As a result, after the initial interview, the candidate's recruitment process gained momentum rapidly, as the firm expressed strong enthusiasm for bringing her on board. This story is a testament to the value of patience, persistence, and strategic communication.    


The Outcome / Solution:  

When the time came to delve into the particulars of the firm's offer, Elizabeth was well-prepared. She possessed an intimate understanding of this candidate's specific requirements, allowing her to deftly negotiate an offer that left both the candidate and the firm fully satisfied.

The offer presented to the candidate was particularly enticing, featuring a substantial sign-on bonus and a flexible start date. This arrangement ensured that the candidate could embark on her previously scheduled vacation without any undue stress.  

Such was the alignment between the offer and the candidate's requirements that she wasted no time in sealing the deal. Just one day after receiving the offer, she signed on the dotted line, eager to begin this exciting new chapter of her career.  

While processes are taking longer than expected, as recruiters, we should aim to make the best out of the situation. Because of this candidate's niche practice area, I wanted to ensure that by the time interest was shown, I knew exactly what to negotiate on her behalf without any back and forth. (Elizabeth Ruocco, New York Principal Consultant)

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