Sonder Helps Canadian Lawyer Secure NYC Role in Two Weeks (& 30K Sign-On!)

Written By:
Cecilya Amorim
Marketing Executive
In the competitive legal recruitment landscape, it's rare to witness a candidate secure a prestigious position within a two week timeframe. Nevertheless, this remarkable case study unfolded when a Canadian lawyer collaborated with our New York Associate Director, Stefano Barbagallo, and secured a coveted role at a respected US  BigLaw firm, complete with a substantial $30,000 sign-on bonus.

Our New York Associate Director, Stefano Barbagallo, reached out to this candidate with the hopes of beginning discussions for a 2024 move. Although relatively junior, this candidate had an incredible deal sheet, vast knowledge, and tenacity and would be desirable to top New York firms in the Debt Finance space.  


His Requirements:  

  • Relocate to New York with their spouse.
  • Attain a role at a globally renowned elite law firm, ideally within a highly-ranked team.
  • Thrive in a supportive work environment.


The Process:  

From the outset, it was clear that this candidate was highly sought-after. Several prominent international law firms expressed immediate interest, with one even flying the candidate to New York for an in-person interview—a rare occurrence in the post-pandemic era. The exceptional effort and support offered by this firm left a lasting impression, significantly influencing the candidate's final decision.  

How We Helped:

It's important to note that this candidate had previously worked with another recruiter six months prior to collaborating with Stefano Barbagallo and unfortunately, that process didn’t go anywhere. At Sonder, we prioritize building strong candidate relationships. During the candidate's visit to New York, Stefano met them in person, provided consistent reassurance throughout the process, and equipped them with the necessary tools to succeed in their interviews.

Stefano's first-hand knowledge of the legal landscape and his extensive network within the firm enhanced his credibility in advising the candidate, ultimately securing the dream position.  


The Outcome:

Just two weeks after sending this candidate’s materials, an elite BigLaw firm extended an offer to the candidate. Stefano's negotiation skills came into play, resulting in a notable $30,000 sign-on bonus and a very competitive relocation fee.

For a Canadian lawyer making the move to New York, such a swift and successful recruitment process is exceptionally rare. This achievement underscores the enduring demand for top-tier legal talent and highlights the pivotal role of a recruiter who believes in a candidate's potential and presents them with the best opportunities.

As Stefano Barbagallo, Associate Director in New York, reflects:

As a recruiter, it’s not every day that you get to be part of a story that genuinely warms your heart and reaffirms your passion for what you do. Throughout the recruitment process, I witnessed this candidate’s unwavering commitment to their goal. Their dedication was commendable and contagious, inspiring everyone they interacted with during the process.

This case study serves as a testament to the power of a great C.V., an outstanding lawyer, the right partnership and law firm responsiveness in achieving extraordinary milestones.