Case Study: Facilitating Career Progression - From Manchester To A Global London Law Firm

Written By:
Rebecca Adlington
Marketing Manager
Embarking on a legal career in London is a coveted goal for many lawyers. This year, our adept consultant, Tito Ayantunde, played a pivotal role in helping a talented Infrastructure, Construction & Engineering Disputes Associate, originally based in Manchester to achieve her full potential in the City. From Master’s degrees to negotiations, this is her story…

Candidate Background:

This candidate was a 2PQE Infrastructure, Construction & Engineering Disputes Associate based in Manchester who had recently requested an internal move into London with her firm. Still on Manchester pay, and feeling slightly disconnected from her team, she reached out to our London consultant, Tito Ayantunde via LinkedIn to learn more about better opportunities in the City.  


- Make the move to a top firm in London with a City salary  

- Feel part of a team with a good culture  

- Secure a move to a firm willing to invest in and cover the costs of her ongoing Master’s degree.

The Challenge:

Initially, there were no open roles in London for this candidate’s practice area and level. Eventually, the perfect position for this candidate opened at a top global firm. However, the requested experience level was 3-5PQE, while this candidate had 2PQE.  

Nevertheless, knowing how ideal this role would be for this candidate, Tito knew she had to reach out to this firm’s HR team. While this candidate had one less year of experience than the required, Tito was able to sell her skills to the firm, highlighting how she was almost at the 3PQE level and was halfway through a Master’s degree specialising in her practice area.  

The Solution / Outcome:

The strategic approach yielded results. The candidate secured an interview, and with Tito's meticulous preparation, she excelled in the process. Two interview stages later, the feedback from Partners was outstanding, affirming her suitability for the role.

Yet, there was a final hurdle. The candidate needed assurance that the firm would finance the remainder of her Master's degree. Enter Tito's negotiation skills. After discussions with the firm, they not only embraced the candidate but also increased her salary to cover the remaining expenses of her Master’s degree.

“I particularly enjoyed working with this candidate and helping her achieve her goal of becoming a City lawyer. The transition from a Manchester firm to a London firm may not always be an easy process, especially in the current market. Helping her make this move with all her requirements checked has been a pleasure,” said Tito Ayantunde, London Consultant.

Are you aspiring to make the move to London from another City in the UK? Reach out to Tito today for more advice.

*To maintain confidentiality, we' do not to disclose candidate and firm names related to this case study.