Debunking the One-Page Resume Myth in the Legal Industry

Written By:
Cecilya Amorim
Marketing Executive

In most career fields, the one-page resume rule has been debated for years. However, professionals, from law students to associates, have been advised to disregard this supposed “guideline,” as a longer resume does not necessarily hinder their chances of landing their dream job.  


But is this truly the case?  


Some BigLaw Partners have shared their insight advocating for the one-page resume, advising law students to limit their resume to a single page. The age-old question remains: Does having a resume longer than one page deter employers from hiring a candidate?  

Former BigLaw associate, now Sonder’s New York Associate Director, Stefano Barbagallo, shared his opinion on the topic:

One page is more than enough for any superstar BigLaw Associate to get across their experience (role/s), education, and pro-bono/awards. However, I always advocate for a deal sheet page so that Partners and Hiring Managers get better insight into the type of work they’re doing. 


For specific advice on crafting your deal sheet, refer to our recent article highlighting the importance of having a deal sheet and why it’s invaluable: “The Power of a Comprehensive Deal Sheet for Legal Professionals.” Successful lawyers understand the importance of being precise and can explain things in simple terms, causing the one-page resume myth to set the tone for their legal work perfectly.    


Here at Sonder, we understand the importance of presenting your unique qualifications and achievements comprehensively. For this reason, we have curated a CV template to help you improve your one-page resume and secure an interview with your dream firm. Contact us at for tailored CV advice.  


In conclusion, while the one-page resume might seem like a relic of the past, it is here to stay. While it might be challenging to highlight all your experience and skills on one page, it sets you up for success, showing your precision and thoroughness as a lawyer.