Attention Kiwi Lawyers - Your London Visa Has Been Extended!

Written By:
Rebecca Adlington
Marketing Manager
Are you a young Kiwi lawyer ready to make a BIG move in your legal career? Thanks to a new and improved visa scheme, the City of London is well within your reach!  

Young Brits and New Zealanders will benefit from life-changing opportunities on the other side of the world thanks to the expansion of shared visa schemes

From 29 June, the age limit for New Zealand applicants coming to the UK will go up from 30 to 35 years old and the maximum length of time people can stay in their host country will be extended to 3 years. 

Read more about the changes here.

What are the benefits of a move to London?  

1. International Experience 

Second, only to New York, London is the largest global hub for finance, business, and law, and therefore offers Kiwi lawyers an opportunity to gain significant international experience and exposure to different cultures, legal systems, and clients. This can benefit personal and professional growth and enhance marketability. 

2. Career Advancement 

London has a competitive legal market, with many top-tier law firms and multinational corporations headquartered in the city. This means that Kiwi lawyers who work in London can gain access to more challenging and high-profile cases, develop their skills and expertise, and advance their career prospects. When they return home one day, they would be looked upon very favourably by top firms in NZ and Australia.  

3. Salary!  

While the cost of living in London is relatively high, the salaries for lawyers are significant, particularly at top-tier and US firms. Kiwi lawyers who work in London earn higher salaries than they would in New Zealand, which can provide financial security and enable them to save for their future. 

4. Networking and fun!  

London is home to a large, diverse legal community and is a melting pot of different cultures. So Kiwi lawyers will have an opportunity to expand their professional network, meet potential clients, and build relationships with other legal professionals. They will meet people from all walks of life and enjoy some of the best restaurants, nightlife and events in the world.  


Over the years, we've helped many New Zealand lawyers to make a move across to Sydney and overseas to London. From hearing feedback from candidates, we know the benefits a move to London can present to Kiwi lawyers, and we are excited that more people will now have the opportunity to experience this and reap the benefits.

To learn more about what a move could look like for you, please reach out to the following contacts:  

Matthew Hart: Director of Australia (based in Sydney) 

Matthew Mayes: Associate Consultants (based in Sydney)  

Dylan Morrison: Senior Consultant (based in London)