7 New York Dining Hotspots in Miami

Written By:
Cecilya Amorim
Marketing Executive

The magnetic appeal of Miami's warm, year-round climate, stunning beaches, and diverse cultural scene has increasingly attracted New Yorkers to the city.

In 2022, nearly 65,000 New Yorkers traded their state's driver's license for a Florida driver's license, breaking the record set in the previous year of 62,000, showing the number of New Yorkers leaving for the Sunshine state.    

As New Yorkers continue to move out to Miami, it seems they are having an influence on the area. Infamous New York hotspots have begun to open shops in Miami.  

Here are a few: 

  1. Joe's Stone Crab - Renowned for its delicious seafood, Joe's Stone Crab has locations in both New York and Miami.  

  1. Nobu - A high-end Japanese restaurant chain. Nobu has locations in both cities, offering exquisite dishes and an upscale dining experience.  
Instagram: @nobumiamibeach
  1. Carbone – This one Michelin-star restaurant made its New York debut in 2012 and swiftly cemented its status as a city favourite by offering refined takes on traditional Italian-American cuisine.  

  1. Dirty French - This exceptional steakhouse by Major Food Group is situated in the lively Brickell neighbourhood of Miami. The restaurant honours the finest global steakhouse traditions while incorporating its own contemporary flair.  
Instagram: @majorfoodgroup
  1. Cote - With its blend of modern elegance and Korean barbecue traditions, Cote provides a sophisticated yet inviting ambiance. From the interactive tableside grilling of premium meats to the selection of tantalizing sides and thoughtful wine pairings, Cote promises an unforgettable dining journey that seamlessly combines tradition and innovation.

  1. Sadelle’s - Renowned for its iconic bagels, hand-rolled and baked to perfection, Sadelle's delights patrons with a menu featuring an array of artisanal smoked fish, delectable pastries, and gourmet spreads.

  1. Pastis - With its rustic yet stylish decor, Pastis transports guests to a bustling Parisian Cafe, complete with outdoor seating and a lively atmosphere. Known for its exceptional French cuisine, Pastis offers a menu filled with classic dishes such as steak frites, moules marinières, and escargots.  
Instagram: @pastis_miami

Now you can have a taste of home away from home!

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