6 Tips to Improve Your Legal CV

Written By:
Hana Pereira
Associate Consultant
Have you determined that 2022 is the time to take your next career move? Well, updating your CV is the first place to start!
Since joining Sonder Consultants, I've seen a lot of CV's. And from all areas of the globe. I've got to grips with what makes a CV stand out, what we would send to firms to ensure they have the correct information and what needs adjusting to secure our candidates that all-important interview.
Make sure you are ready to seize the next big opportunity that comes your way with these six steps on updating your legal CV.

Step 1- Add one line on your professional status

Keep it concise with a short introduction. You need only write a couple of sentences introducing yourself with your name, position, practice area and firm, what and where you studied, when you qualified and finally what you want to achieve, i.e. explore opportunities with elite, Tier 1 practices.

Step 2- Write a summary of your academic achievements

Display the courses undertaken, the grades obtained, and any rewards achieved during your academic studies in a professional format. Make this information easy to digest and don’t go into too much detail regarding particular areas of study.

Step 3- Include your employment history

Start from where you are currently working/most recently worked. Make sure the job title is clearly stated. Also include the firm name, practice area/areas you specialise in and what department.  

Step 4- Bullet point your transactions/matters

Integrate any significant transactions/matters you were involved with under subheadings of the role you played in them. Make sure to separate your training contract to your qualified experience.

Step 5- Add any work experience gained after university

Add any relevant work experience after university- do not go into exhaustive detail unless it is pertinent to your qualified role.

Step 6- Finish with a couple of bullet points on your interests outside of work

Note 2-3 bullet points regarding what you are most interested in outside of work.

Final pointers:

  • Do not abide by the old-fashioned style of limiting your CV to 2 pages. A partner wants to see a good-sized selection of your experience, so 3-5 pages is sufficient.
  • Check spelling, especially when considering a UK firm/US firm.
  • Include page numbers.
  • Avoid long sentences and extensively long paragraphs- it is integral that your CV looks aesthetically pleasing and professional.

For a CV template or if you are interested in discussing more about a role in the most prestigious UK or US law firms, please approach me directly on LinkedIn or email myself- hana.pereira@sonderconsultants.com