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Sonder Consultants regularly host industry relevant events intended to educate, entertain and connect both legal and HR professionals.

If you would like to be a speaker at one of our listed events, please reach out directly to Anna on If there is a topic that we have yet to explore, or an event that you would like us to host, please also email Anna and we’ll be sure to consider it for an upcoming date.

31 January – ‘The Privacy Revolution: How the Shift in Data Subjects’ Rights will Impact your Business

Recent changes in privacy legislation globally have given data subjects unprecedented access and control over their personal data. Data subjects are becoming increasingly savvy as to how and why their data should be used and as a result, the way they exercise their rights in relation to data use is transforming.

This discussion will focus on how organisations must adapt to manage the shift in data subjects’ rights and how businesses may be impacted. We will be joined by leading industry professionals for a panel discussion and Q&A giving invaluable insight into the practical steps businesses can take as well as exploring examples of challenges faced and how these have been navigated.

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Date TBC February – ‘Innovation in Legal Practice’

We will be joined by an expert panel to discuss the landscape for innovation in the legal industry focussing on process automation, legal project management and use of legal technology.

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Date TBC March – ‘Legal Technology: Recent Developments’

Sonder Consultants are delighted to host an interactive panel discussion with industry leaders in the legal technology space looking at recent developments. We encourage those with an interest in legal technology to come along and engage in a live Q&A session.

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